Thursday, 9 July 2015

Set Your Eyes on Bangalore's Navi Mumbai Neo Bangalore Takes Off

Neo Bangalore is taking off with great promise. Neo Bangalore aka Hoskote. The promise of Hoskote makes it another Navi Mumbai in making. A planned township, with established industries coming in and world-class connectivity, that's what Neo Bangalore is all about. The government too has seen the promise of Hoskote and that would translate into better facilities and sops.

Those who have expressed interest in this growth area have given a number of reasons. Primarily, the attraction is to live in a place that will be well planned and has good infrastructure. As one industry player said, “Neo Bangalore should be able to distill all the good features of Bangalore city and highlight the same. The soothing greenery, the lure of managed growth and the promise of a bustling activity will be enough to attract people here.” That's exactly how it had happened in Navi Mumbai. Aimed at decongesting Mumbai, Navi Mumbai became a hot   property   with the land rates doubling more than ten-folds as businesses and residences came up to accommodate the people. Today, it is a well known destination to live and work.

Similarly, the city of Bangalore is welcoming a similar satellite township that will take on its multitudes. Neo Bangalore fits the bill perfectly.

Why Neo Bangalore

At Neo Bangalore it would be exactly like living in old Bangalore with swanky new facilities. “People are nostalgic about old Bangalore but they definitely want the buzz of the new. A satellite town like Neo Bangalore will combine the two elements making it a winsome solution,” says an old Bangalorean who is quite fed up of traffic and mushrooming commercial establishments in his once-upon-a-time quiet neighbourhood.

Neo Bangalore will be able to extend the promise of Bangalore city without diluting its ethos or credence. As people begin to look at other cities as an alternative to Bangalore, it becomes logical to look closer home for an answer. Neo Bangalore will satisfy all those who remain true Bangaloreans.

The Promise:

Satellite Township

With Bangalore being one of the fastest growing cities of India, several new developments have happened. Among them is Neo Bangalore, an area of great promises and expectations. It is not a place where time will stand still. It will be about great ambiance, good infrastructure and fantastic connectivity.


The government recently inaugurated a BMTC bus depot built at the cost of Rs 4.70 crores. A new integrated satellite township with proper infrastructure has been put in place. Good road planning has taken a precedent over here. The proposed Satellite Township Ring Road (STRR) covering 284 km will connect Hoskote with important satellite towns around Bangalore. The Intermediate Ring Road (IRR) covering 188 km, also connects Hoskote to the rest of Bangalore. The tremendous growth experienced the last three years has led to an increase in property prices, if reliable industry sources are to be believed. The year-on-year increase of prices is said to be about 30%.